Terms and conditons

CONSENSO LEGGE 675/96, in conformità con la Legge 675/96, dichiara che i dati vengono raccolti con la finalità di registrare l'utente e verranno trattati elettronicamente in conformità con le legge vigenti. L' interessato gode dei diritti della legge 675/96. Premendo il pulsante "invia modulo", si dà il consenso al trattamento dei dati personali.

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Booking and Information

Conditions – they aren’t complicated. 
Payment of 10% as deposit on booking and another 30%, of the total rent, 90 days before the arrival. If you’ll book within 90 days before your arrival you will have to pay the 40% as deposit on booking.
The rental balance is due on arrival. 
The weekly period starts at 3 p.m. on a Saturday and ends the 
following Saturday at 9 a.m.
The rental price includes utilities (gas, electricity, H/C water). 
* A deposit against possible damage of 150 euro is asked on arrival and returned on departure.

You are responsible for the house and are expected to take reasonable care of it. If there are problems there’s a local contact there to help, damage or breakage’s should be settled before you leave. We trust you'll leave the house as clean as you found it.
Personal Insurance and Cancellation Cover: 
You should take out insurance that includes cancellation cover when you receive booking confirmation.
If you cancel more than 90 days beforehand we'll try to re-let and charge you only the 10%. If you cancel less than 90 days before we will keep the deposit of 40% that we will consider as new deposit if you would like to come in another period.
From our side, if something happens to the house before your tenancy starts which makes occupancy impossible, though we cannot be responsible for any loss you might suffer, we guarantee to refund any money you have paid, immediately.